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Friday, 15 May 2015

Open top?

So tonight I rode home behind an audi TT. It was very smart, black sleek bodywork, gorgeous shine and convertible. The soft top roof was down allowing me to stare at the back of a blonde womans head, whose hair was flying wildly around her sunglasses. As I stared, my eyes burning into her crown  (of course concentrating on the road) I couldn't help but wonder where was her shield? Her shield to the mishaps of the outside world. A bird poos and what has she got to protect her from the horror that is? A leaf blows right onto her face and lone behold...she can't see! A cat jumps in from a wall at the traffic does she return it before the green light hits and HOW just how does she navigate that roof when the British hailstone rains down and the heavens open! This lady is highly confident in her surroundings and her ability to act fast in an emergency. Or maybe she hasn't thought about these freak accidents and eventualities...Maybe she doesn't know.... I should have caught her up and warned her! Right now she has bird poo in her hair, a cat in her passenger seat and leaves all over her face steering wildly down the main road! What a picture eh?

"I have had stranger thoughts!"

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