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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tattoo Thoughts....

"You will not get one while you are living in this house!" Strong words from my mum, and they are final...there would be no way of getting around it unless I had one in a place she never saw! This is neither here nor there considering I would like one on either my wrist or my under forearm. As we have just been discussing in our General Studies class (to the amazement of our tutor) a meaningful tattoo that means the world to you and is special and well-thought out is an adult choice! It is adding colour to the body which the class thought as a blank canvas. It is art. Here are some images of some beautiful ones that I like the look of...

The lyrics to my favourite Beatles song, Let It Be. I love the way this Tattoo has been done, it is very creative and beautiful

The colours in this feather are stunning and something like this would look equally as good on the under wrist, almost like it is curled around.

I love this! John Lennon's face on the under forearm! Very cool!

I like the anklet idea! Not sure about the pain...

I prefer the first "Let it Be" tattoo, and to have that lyric would mean alot to me!

I do, fortunately have about 3 year until I move out, so these 3 years will be spent making this decision, till then, there are always piercings!


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