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Monday, 4 May 2015

No offence to Insomniacs ♡

"I love sleep so much, I want to be conscious while doing it."
My mother has a point...It is almost as if we are cheated out of one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable activities because when we are asleep...we are asleep. That whole feeling of snuggling up, getting lost in the squishy duvet world, enveloping your head in feathery pillows and relaxing every muscle is better than a day in a spa...yet we don't get to live out each moment...instead our eyes shut and then they open again in what feels like seconds and it is morning...time to get up! That hurts because... I LOVE SLEEP SO MUCH! My bed is my favourite place and sleep is just the best thing, combine the two and you have nirvana waiting for you at 10pm. I just wish I could remember every turn under the covers, every flip of my pillow so my cheek rests on the cool side and every star shaped stretch to the tips of my toes doing their own mexican wave! These are the moments of pure relaxation and freedom...because we are not at all self concious of doing them...or conscious at all for that matter. I just want to bottle the feeling so I can keep it with me...then on a bad day I can feel that sense of release my bed gives me and the calmness it brings and it will make everything okay again...until I wake.

Goodnight all...let me remember this in the morning!

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