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Thursday, 4 June 2015

I have super powers!

A conversation went off track the other day when I announced that I could float on water. The reaction I received was far from what I expected. 'How can you do that?' 'That is not possible!' etc.
The thing is I thought everyone could float on the surface of a lake or river without moving their arms and legs and be completely fine. Better than fine, they would feel very relaxed as the water carried them to an unknown destination.
Question: Did I have a skill unknown to me that nobody else could do?

So I googled my answer and found a few others who could do the same and even a 'wiki how' to teach those who could not perform this miracle. I came to the assumption that this was not infact a weird capability that only I could. I was not one of a kind (in this case) but just dubbed a lazy swimmer. To float completely still on the surface of any body of water is not unbelievable just a case of not swimming and lying on the watery mattress and letting it take you wherever it likes.

Relax and Swim explains it like this:
"As you float, your weight presses down into the water; the water presses back, pushing you up.
When you get into the pool, your body displaces a volume of water (the "hole" in the water that your body fits into). As long as the water your body displaces weighs more than you do, you float.
This is basically Archimedes' Law.

You weigh less than the water you're in, because your lungs are full of air, like a balloon, and like a balloon, the air in your lungs lifts you to the surface naturally."

Another factor is how relaxed you are can effect how you float...if you tense your muscles you will float alot lower than if you relax. 
"Did you ever play the “thinking heavy” game as a kid? You'd be harder to pick up if you imagined yourself to be as heavy as a piano, easier to pick up if you pretended to be a balloon."

So maybe I am just very relaxed, like a balloon in a swimming pool! and I do like balloons!
Atleast I won't drown! Probably the reason I like going on boats so much!

N.B. DO NOT Try this if you cannot swim, a swimmer will be able to swim out of a drowning situation... if you cannot swim and you don't are a witch! Joking! you may drown and I don't want to be blamed for that! 


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