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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tomato Soup

Contrary to my recent health kick I decided to treat myself to some none fat free tomato soup for lunch whilst at work. The salmon coloured powder went in my cup and hot water over the top then I mixed it to perfection! I sat down ate my sandwich, occasionally dipping it into the bubbling lava of soup for a taste sensation. I then proceeded to drink my soup whilst relaxing on pinterest. Now the day had been quite long and tiresome and whether I was shattered from too much typing or boggled by all the screen staring the wrist of my hand that was holding my soup cup flopped and poured scalding hot soup all over my lap...

The pain was unreal....

So bothered about picking up the cup to save the last remnants of soup I bashed my elbow on the radiator that was splattered with red tomato stains as though a murder had just taken place. The slosh sounds coming from my skirt as I ran through to the bathroom to clean up were gross and I still hear them to this very day! I dropped my skirt in the sink whilst still in it and streamed a jet of cold tap water all over it. By this point my thigh was on fire and was also covered in the soup that had soaked through my tights.

I then had to dry my skirt under the hand drier only to find whilst lifting it high that I hadnt locked the door and a woman came bursting in! Such commotion ensued and left me giving up the toilet so that she could use the facility meanwhile I was half dry with a burning thigh.

I cleaned up the mess I had made with a damp tea towel only to find that the radiator splattered with red was the only radiator on in that building and the droplets had dried out, cracked and latched on to the white surface making them near impossible to remove.

It is safe to say I haven't had soup since and my mum now refers to the Great Soup Spill of 2015 as the incident that stopped me having soup.

Dear eccentrics, watch your tricky wrists...they could let you down at any second!

"Maybe chicken soup will have pity on me!"

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