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Friday, 10 April 2015

Afternoon Tea For Two

A surprise day out of the adult world of paper pushing and typing led me to being able to share a glorious sunny afternoon with my Aunty in the Barton Grange gardens. My Aunty had been gifted a voucher for an afternoon tea for 2 in the Willows Restaurant for her birthday and today we would claim our reward. We were seated on the decking outside the restaurant in the sunshine and ordered our drinks. 1 filter coffee and a Rose Petal tea for myself. Some may say, "Rose Petal tea? How pretentious!" but they would be the ones to miss out on a beautifully cleansing flavour. The tea was slightly perfumed to smell but tasted sweet ... A very good choice indeed! I already thought with the tea, the sun, the lovely view and fabulous company that I was being spoilt but then......This arrived.....

...WOW WOW WOW!!!! I was speechless!!! How wonderful it was!! The little cakes, the triangle sandwiches, the scones with fresh cream! We couldn't wait to tuck in. We began with the sandwiches. Salmon and watercress was my favourite with a lovely fresh flavour. In second place was the Honey roasted ham and green pesto mayonnaise whose flavour packed  punch! And then the strong Lancashire cheese and sweet chutney which was very rich. We then moved on to the freshly baked blueberry scones. The blueberries where sweet and moist, the strawberry jam was thick and delectable and the cream will be appearing in my dreams weeks from now I imagine. 

Sipping on my rose tea and admiring the view I was completely blissed. Such a wonderful treat and to be able to spend it with family I love made it all the better. We talked at length, sipping with our little fingers poised. We nibbled on our scones, fig bakewell tarts , tiramasu shot desserts and caramel and buttercream cakes. We laughed over how we felt like VIPs sat on the roped off decking away from the rabble emerging from the cafe across the other side. We felt exclusive, sophisticated and very...very posh. The overall experience was so decadent and I will never forget such a joyful afternoon which we continued with a garden exploration, brilliant photos (below) and many memories that we made.  Massive thank you to the best Aunty...A lovely lovely person and my close friend! 

Rach x

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